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Suzlon’s Father Has Arrived, ₹32 Stock Got A Strong Target Of ₹133, Know The Name Of The Share!

Suzlon energy news today Just like Suzlon energy’s shale 2023, tremendous trading was seen in penny stocks and small cap companies. The same is visible in the year 2024 also, and Suzlon’s biggest companies in the renewable energy sector will dominate the market. Last year, shares of wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon Energy, a company in the renewable energy sector, appeared to be rocketing and are still dominating the market. But today we are going to tell about it in some detail.

share price target 2025IREDA Share Target Price 2024

Like Suzlon, another renewable energy sector company is in the news in the market these days, that is Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA Share), let us tell you that this company was listed in the market through IPO in the month of November last year. . And the special thing is that it is a government owned company, due to which investors are even more popular on this stock.

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Expert Gave Target in 2025

Let us tell you that this company had come into the market a few days ago but today there has been a strong rise of about 20% in the company honor market. Let us tell you that these shares had come in the market at the level of around ₹ 32, and if we talk about the present, they are trading at ₹ 122. And at the time of listing the shares were at ₹50, which means direct investors have got a profit of more than 250%. And now the experts have also set a new target on the stock, for which it is explained in detail below that it is very important to know.

How Much Will The Stock Market Go up in 2024

Seeing the tremendous quarterly results of IREDA Share, brokers have given their opinion on the stock. In which the target of ₹ 123 was earlier given by Prabhudas Lilladher, IREDA Stock is now seen achieving it easily. Now he has increased his target price to around ₹ 133, currently the total market cap of this company is ₹ 32,817 crore.

Currently, Nifty company is moving forward with the completion of 50 years in 2023. This year also the index has increased by almost 20% and is now reaching close to 22,000 points. Rishi Kohli, CIO – Hedge Fund Strategies at Incred Alternative Investments, told Mint that the Nifty has a chance of reaching 25,000 by the end of 2024.

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